Living Foods – What is the Best Method for Sprouting?

About a year ago, I started getting into “Sprouting”.  It all started when I got hooked on Sunflower Sprouts, that I purchased at our local health food store, that were being grown locally at the time.  Then in horror I found out the “Sprout Man” left the Keys.  What ever what I do.  I of course went online and did some research; thought there would be nothing to it.  Well, I will tell you starting off with Sunflower Sprouts was not the best place to start.  They are a bit challenging, so I will save that process for a later date when the climate allows for it.

I have always loved and bought Alfalfa sprouts. The problem being, they would last maybe a day or two once I got them home.  So, I figured that would be the next sprout to try on my list.  After a couple of failed attempts with a few different techniques, at last we finally had Alfalfa Sprouts! (Cheers all around…..)  What I found amazing was that what had intimidated me for months, was actually a really easy process once you figure the appropriate technique and vessel to use.  And even better, they last weeks in the refridgerator as they continue to GROW!

There are several methods and many vessels available on the market.   Some people successfully use Mason jar fitted with a mesh lid, some stack sprouter’s, and even hemp bags.  I did have some success with the hemp bag, however it was difficult to remove the sprouts and maintain and store them.  Sprouts need the perfect amount of moisture to survive,which is sometime where the tricky part is.  If you give them to much moisture, then you have fungus issues. (and not the good kind) If you do not give them enough, they die.  After all, they are living beings.  Household temperature and humidity play a role in sprouting, and that was where my problem was coming in.

After many months of failure and several dollars later, I finally decided to take a chance on one more method. It was the Easy Sprouter, it’s called Easy, it must be?  Right? Well they were and  I have now ventured out into sprouting all different sorts of sprouts, beans grains and micro greens and find this to be a no fail method.  The Easy Sprouter comes with simple directions and can be found via my Amazon Store under “Where to Find It”.  It is a small investment, but worth the price if you enjoy sprouting.

It really is “Easy”.  You soak for the the set time depending your sprout, then daily you rinse twice a day.  That easy!